V2 Cigs Deals

V2 ScreenshotHow do you make your vaping dollar go further and contest criticism that it’s just as expensive as smoking? You look for discounts that cut the price of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Research the market: there are plenty of ways to stretch a dollar and a lot of deals around if you know where to look. V2 Cigs deals pop up frequently when you’re paying attention.

V2 Cigs Deals Today

The best way to reduce the cost of buying products from the very start is by finding a promotional code that reduces the price of a starter kit. V2 Cigs sometimes hosts such a sale and will make it known on their website. If you can’t find what you want, search the site map for signs of savings. You could also look online for “V2 Cigs Coupon Codes” and see what comes up. E cig fans, V2 Cigs affiliates, and e commerce supporters post promo codes (a series of numbers and letters you type in at the checkout) with expiry dates and specifications. There’s one right now that doesn’t expire for 60% off the cost of a purchase at V2 Cigs.

Also, check out what V2 Cigs has on sale. Their site shows deals on a couple of starter kits, disposable mini cigs, and e juice. If these interest you it is possible to save money immediately. Continue shopping with V2 Cigs and join their Vape4Free program. This is an incentive scheme whereby clients earn points they exchange as money against future purchases of starter kits, batteries, cartridges, and e liquid.


A lot of e-tail companies launch contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites they belong to. They don’t necessarily write about them on their websites because these deals and promos are short-lived. They also want to encourage consumers to visit and “like” or “follow” them on these pages, so that’s where they post one-day, flash sales.

Bulk Orders

Like many companies, V2 Cigs rewards consumers for thinking ahead. Buy more of what you want for a month down the road and pay for it today. That way the price comes down for e liquid per/ml or for each cartridge you purchase.