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Bluehost: Hosting Your Presence On The Web

Bluehost started over a decade ago, in 2003, but that doesn’t make them a senior player. There are companies who date their foundations back to the nineties and even firms with their roots in the start of internet technology. Promo codes for Bluehost have been offered since the beginning too.

Bluehost, however, has had time to develop their professional persona and to acquire a big following while operating from the mountains of Utah. Employees number 700+ and the firm takes pride in their support of charitable organizations.

grassroots-logoGrass Roots

Bluehost has partnered with Grassroots, a resource for non-profits, to supply free hosting to charities. If you qualify, web hosting is free of charge because the people at Bluehost never want important organizations supporting American communities to go without a web presence because of money issues.

Some firms appeal to the public with a touch of green charm. Others, like Bluehost, endear themselves to consumers by having a heart for agencies that support sick kids and abandoned animals. Everyone needs a niche and this is as good as any.

Web Hosting Affiliates

One way that companies like Bluehost get their names out there is by working with affiliate marketers. These people don’t sell web space or hosting services. They talk about Bluehost (or HostGator, or GreenGeeks) on their blogs and websites.

Short articles promoting a business are embedded with links to the company website and these are marked so that the firm connects any purchases made with a redirection from the affiliate’s website, probably hosted by the same business on WordPress. Becoming an affiliate costs nothing and you receive $65 from sales linked to your promotional efforts. Earn as much as you want: there is no limit. Right now, Bluehost pays out several million dollars in commissions. Then when coupon codes for Bluehost are offered, that makes it even easier for affiliates.

Bluehost for Education

Do you need educational hosting as a professor or student? Bluehost can help. Use one of their plans to create a web presence where you share information and ideas with fellow students and colleagues such as art work, writing, and assignments. They provide free, custom accounts to instructors, programs for universities, colleges, and students, and provide numerous tools to enhance ease-of-use.


Under the heading for “Domains” you will be asked to type in your existing domain name.


This will enable Bluehost to transfer you to their hosting services, but they don’t appear to offer domain registration or help clients find suffixes like dot-net or dot-hockey.

More services include Cloud Sites, Shared Hosting, WordPress, Dedicated, and VPS Hosting. Put another way, you could be sharing with others or completely on your own.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but is ideal for sites which receive a lot of traffic, are full of information (big companies, for example, like department stores shipping to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and using e-commerce), and can’t afford to have their uptime affected by the activities of other sites.

Cloud Hosting (Bluehost coupon codes available)

bluehost-promo-codesIt’s not unsafe to share; the web hosting world has developed ways to make Cloud Hosting safe, quick, and affordable. The Bluehost cloud provides redundancy measures to optimize uptime so there’s no risk of being affected by the breakdown of one server.

Load times are ridiculously quick so you don’t lose clients to the infamous problem of sluggish uploading. Bluehost employs the best hardware and technicians skilled at operating them.

Their low-density servers are protected and customers can view the performance of their site online with reporting that’s easy to understand. Bluehost is also ready for your firm’s growth with the option to increase your share of the Cloud.

WordPress Hosting (promo codes available)

Hundreds of Thousands of people utilize WordPress, running their business profile site, e-commerce page, or a blog from this platform. It’s one of the simplest to use but comes with a load of tools when you arrange for paid WordPress hosting (as opposed to the limited services available when you start a blog for free).

WordPress hosting is protected from viruses and uses VPS structuring for speed and safety. Install MOJO Marketplace for one-click application of scripts and plugins.

The cPanel is designed specifically for WordPress optimization including backups, management, and migration. SiteLock security lends your site authenticity and attracts viewers. OpenStack lets you engage with available programs and get the system uploaded quickly.

Isolation ensures your site isn’t affected if another person on the server suffers problems. They won’t infect your site. There are more than a million WordPress sites hosted by Bluehost so they employ a team dedicated to this aspect of their business.

Plans vary with a minimum of 100 million visits and up to an unlimited number; 30 to 240GB of storage space; 2 to 8GB RAM; and enhanced cPanel across the board. All clients are welcome to access 24/7 customer support provided by technical people, not just individuals who know how to answer a phone.

Dedicated (coupon codes for Bluehost available)

You don’t have to share your host server with anyone else, not if your demands are enough to make a dedicated server financially worthwhile. You’ll enjoy incredible upload speed, speedy setup, RAID level 1 storage, and mirrored drives which protect your data. Even increase storage space later using the cPanel. Obtain support from technicians trained in dedicated services.

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