1&1 Web Hosting Discount Codes and Promos

Here are the latest 1&1 Web Hosting coupon codes, discounts and promos for 2016 to help you save on your plan:

$0.99 For The First Year Of A .info Domain

Plus free email address and private registration

1&1: Reputable Web Hosting In Action

1and1-coupon-codesYou just need one web host, but the first one you try is not always a good fit. Have you come across 1&1 yet? Their web hosting services include some of the cheapest start up deals when you don’t need much: just one domain name for a single dollar.

Why pay for services you don’t use? At 1&1 web hosting they appear to have been asking that very same question, at least if their prices are anything to go by. 1&1 also offers something I’ve never seen before: a reputation spanning almost the entire lifespan of the internet. And of course the 1and1 promo codes that we offer will help save a lot of money.

15 Million and Counting

Between North America, mainland Europe, and the United Kingdom, 1and1 now has 15 million clients. These people come in search of affordable services.

1&1, founded in Germany in 1988, is a leader in the industry offering “one-stop internet shopping” according to their website. You can register a domain name, build a site, obtain technological applications and support, and more in order to not only get onto the web but to be noticed among the other millions of active sites.

The firm does their best to make this process user-friendly so clients require very little help and can access the lowest prices.

Today 1&1 is in the top 5. US operations are located in Lenexa, Kansas and Philadelphia, PA, but thousands of men and women work for 1and1 around the world in places such as Mexico City and Berlin, Warsaw, and Madrid.

Environmentally friendly data centers promote a responsible attitude to energy consumption. Round-the-clock customer service promotes a responsible attitude to customers. 1&1 provides business and personal website hosting with numerous extras and applications but at a low cost, yet they make sure they never let their guard down. SSD and DDoS security prevents clients from feeling vulnerable.

Products at 1and1 (With Promo Codes)

These include domains, web hosting, MyWebsite, servers, e-commerce, and various other technical products customers want or need when they run a website to promote a business or a cause. We’ll take them one-by-one. Remember to use our coupon codes that we provide up at the top of this page.

Online Domains

The first time your website goes live, it has to be applied to a domain. It will require a domain name which is that long piece a browser finds or which you type into the heading yourself.

This name starts with “www” and ends with an extension like .com, .net or .club. 1&1 will help you find and register a name with an extension from their long list. If you have chosen web hosting in the past but the arrangement was unsatisfactory, find out about transferring the domain to 1&1 web hosting.

MyWebsite Page Building

1&1 makes several tools available to clients who want to build their own website but haven’t got the first idea how to do it. While a professional website builder could do the job instead, that is a costlier approach.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to build a site with templates and tools at your disposal plus a lot of graphic cues that help you to visualize what’s involved. Customers do not need to have experience or technical acumen such as knowledge of software code writing.

You know what your site is about, so choose a category whether that’s restaurants, tourism, or real estate. Select photos from over 20 million available and text that works in your field.

A website editor is included plus the means of making this a user-friendly site that won’t be overlooked by customers as too sparse or too difficult to navigate. 1&1 ensures your page is optimized so clients can access it from any device large or small and also supplies apps.

Take advantage of SEO tools, an email marketing manager, and website analysis. Even upload an e-commerce store where you can list as many as 1,000 items in a full color catalogue.

Website development is also available. The most basic packages cost about $1 monthly, but more advanced ones can be purchased if your needs are extensive.

Web Hosting – With 1&1 Coupon Codes

Try Windows, Linux, or WordPress hosting and find out what works for you. Windows offers ASP.net hosting, considered stable and effective for high-performance websites. Use it when your site contains codes for MySQL, PHP, or Java among others. All of these are eligible for the 1&1 promo codes.

The company offers ASP hosting with 3 of their plans, packages which are chosen according to your internet traffic expectations and the complexity of your site. You will be able to build code for content, specific mobile applications, or regular PC functionality. Security remains top class.


Here are your basic e-commerce requirements. Look to 1&1 to help you create a website. If this is already in place, such as a MyWebsite page, then it’s easy to create an e-commerce link directly from there. This will fit with your existing site and enables clients to find your products and head to a virtual checkout.

You’ll have your own domain address, plenty of data storage, design templates for your industry, and payment options. Select a courier, post a security certificate, and give customers the chance to share their purchase on social media.

More from 1and1

If you aren’t comfortable with the internet and building a page seems like it would take too much time, hire a consultant from 1&1. They will provide design input or handle the whole thing. Support is available to all clients via various media 24 hours of every day.

Make sure to check out our promo codes and coupons when available at the top of this page to save on your 1&1 plan. Using 1and1 coupons can save a lot of money long term.