You’re in the Right Spot for Savings!

vaping-892291_1280Hey everyone, Welcome and thanks for stopping over at where we’re going to be sharing some great coupons and promotions from some of our favorite companies. We call ourselves the Treetop Vapers because in another life, we work for an arborist, and our jobs are pretty much in the trees. Also, we have been known to collectively go through about 2 – 3 packs of cigarettes per day, also in another life. When we discovered vaping, that all changed, and we’re pretty much complete converts to vaping, and have found ourselves a new hobby in promoting great deals that we find in the e-cig industry.

And why not? We figure if other people who don’t even vape can do it, why not those of us who actually DO use e-cigs?  Now, one thing I guess we need to say is that we’re not supposed to talk about any type of thing where e-cigs might be a good way to help you quit smoking. I’m honestly not sure why that’s some kind of big deal, but for some reason, it is. You’re “supposed” to go to your doctor and ask him (or her) for some “approved” thing like nicotine gum or a patch or something. So, if you’re trying to give up smoking we’re supposed to say, “See your health professional for advice.”

For us? We still use nicotine because we’re vaping on an e-liquid that contains nicotine. But, I do have to say that I’ve actually cut back on the amount of nicotine from when I originally started vaping (that is, when I started vaping, I was using like 2.4% levels, but that’s too strong now, and I’m only using juice that’s at 1.8% now. And, you actually can get 0% nicotine, too.

So, anyway, what we’re going to do here is test out a few different brands of well-known e-cigs, and let you know our thoughts. Actually, in one or two cases, we’re already fans of the brand, but have to check out a couple more in order to give you some different ones to think about. And, then we’ll give you some coupon discounts that we’ve located so that you can try one or two of them out for yourself.

Or, if you’re already a fan of the brands, you can also just save some cash on your refills or batteries or juice. It will depend on the types of deals we find. Okay? So, let’s dig in!